Pure YL Organic Salon 



Salon Services Agreement Policy

No Refund, No Exchange, and No Return Policy

Thank you for choosing Pure Organic Salon for salon services. We appreciate your business and interest in our method of practice.  Our daily continuous effort is to ensure our client's satisfaction. Consultation is the most important part of our services that ensures a good communication between you the client and our stylist.   At Pure Organic Salon we provide a free consultation before a salon service is provided.  During consultation your stylist will discuss what's needed to achieve the results you requested.  Stylist will also analyze the health of the hair, scalp, previous hair damages,  over processed with bleach or hair colors etc.  Keep in mind, damages done previously over period of time cannot be fixed overnight.  We can only suggest deep conditioning treatments or regular hair trims to get rid of dry damaged hair little at a time or if client decides differently.  Similar in case of skincare also.  Your specialist will evaluate current skin condition and suggest a treatment plan and service prices.  Once the plan is laid out and approved by you the client, only then we take the next step to achieve desired results.  When satisfactory results are achieved with lots of efforts and labor then our next step is to charge for services offered.  Payment is final, once the services are rendered with satisfaction and client's approval to pay by providing a payment method (cheque, credit card or cash) on the day of service scheduled by the client.  Please schedule your appointment to reserve our time for your salon service needs only if you agree with our No Refund, No Returns and No Exchange policy.